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Alluo is hiring for the positions below, please read the description in detail and apply via this form. Each position might have different requirements, please make sure to read the full job description before sending your application.

Who are we?

Open positions

Alluo is a young blockchain-based project focused on delivering the advantages of Decentralised Finance to the next 50M users worldwide 🚀 

We recently raised a seed round of $5M from leading crypto-investors (Shima Capital, Spartan Group, NGC, Gravity X, ...) and are looking to scale the first version at the back of this the product.

What is our vision?

Consumers around the world have never been able to access high yield and have the freedom to manage their own funds. Alluo is building the last financial account for users around the world.

The funds are fully in the custody of the users and managed by the community. In brief, we are building a decentralised, non-custodial, community ran, world-reaching consumer bank!

We are building in public, meaning all our treasury is public, code will be open-source, our roadmap is public and we love getting feedback from external contributors and our community.

Who is the team?

The current team has lots of experience in the start-up and financial industry (ex-Zopa, Amazon, JP Morgan, Founders, etc.) and we all have the same passion to bring financial freedom in a user-friendly and non-custodial way to the masses. We are from all around the world (🇧🇪, 🇵🇹, 🇦🇿, ...) and work from all over the world. We are currently 9 full-time, maybe 10 with you 👀